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Die Stiftung Seraphisches Liebeswerk Altötting (SLW) besteht seit 1889.
Sie betreibt an sieben Standorten
in Bayern Einrichtungen der Kinder-
und Jugendhilfe, Kindertagesstätten, sowie vier private, staatlich anerkannte Grund-, Haupt- und Mittelschulen, davon zwei Förderzentren für emotionale und soziale Entwicklung. [mehr…]

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Our days in Muenchham

Dear everybody,

today we are going to write you a short letter about our trip to Muenchham. Last week we spent 3 days there.  This is a very small village near to Simbach. Our caretaker was Mr. Sterflinger. There is also a place for a campfire. The building is divided into 2 floors. The boys slept on the second floor, the girls on the first. The dining area was on the ground floor. The food was excellent. Kevin ate 4 sausages, can you imagine that?

This place has a great outdoor area where you can play football or basketball. Foto:FHA

We played a lot of funny community games, some examples “the chocolate river and the treasure box”, “the 66 minutes game” or “the werewolves from Mirkwood”. On the evening of the first day we made a short walk in the dark. During this walk some guys admired the stars. Everybody made a mailbox and so we could write short and nice letters to each other. 

These cute things were helpful in teambuilding. Foto:FHA

In short mediations we started and finished our days, where we sang songs too. The days were great and we had a lot of fun!

Your 9th class!


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